First results on the chemical composition profile Priorix Tetra

First results on the chemical composition profile Priorix Tetra

We describe some points that leave us perplexed, we anticipate that when we started these analyzes, from metagenomics to current chemistry, we had many questions and were only looking for answers ... with the first results we have even more questions and above all concerns!

The qualitative-quantitative investigation of organic compounds is of great importance in the pharmacological field. There are potential safety problems arising from new production processes and the complex structural and biological characteristics of the products.

  1. Lot # 1 and Lot # 2 are different in many respects, 115 signals versus 173 signals detected.
    A quantity of known (compound) signals very different from each other.
    "Signal" means "track" detected.
    By "known" it is meant that that trace, determined by a compound with a given molecular weight, inserted in the database, generates one or more possible associations.
    What we must worry about is yes what we have found, that is the known signals, but also and above all those that cannot be determined since, here we are in the field of hypotheses, they can be anything.
  2. Both lots contain traces that are quantifiable between nanograms and micrograms as an indicative order of magnitude. This data is important because some compounds are highly toxic, others are known allergens and still others are most likely pharmaceutical molecules such as Sildenafil (Viagra) or Gabapentin (antiepileptic) or Atovaquone (organic compound for the production of an antimalarial drug). .
  3. Both batches contain traces that are associated with different antibiotics, herbicides, herbicides, acaricides and morphine metabolites.
  4. Lot # 2 contains traces that are likely associated with AMD-070, an anti-HIV drug.
  5. Lot # 2 contains traces that are probably associated with Fluchloralin, a herbicide of the fluorinated family, already considered toxic in extremely minimal quantities.
  6. Lot # 2 contains traces that are likely associated with Vigabatrin, an antiepileptic.

The final tables, with a simple explanation of how to read them, contain all the compounds detected.

We will continue, the chemical analyzes of the hexavelent Hexyon and Infanrix Hexa will arrive in a few days, but we are proceeding with Gardasil and many more will follow. We don't stop.

Download: CORVELVA-Report-analysis-composition-chemical-Priorix-Tetra.pdf


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